Benefits of Smokeless Tobacco over Smoking

Benefits of Smokeless Tobacco over Smoking

Benefits of Smokeless Tobacco over Smoking

The benefits of vaping over smoking are not a myth anymore. But still, many people are searching over the net for more evidences of physical benefits of vaping. Out of them, there are smokers who have tried to quit for years, or even regular dopers who are trying to find a more convenient way to meet their preferences. This article adds to the beneficial effects that vaping pose over smoking, and has listed out the following advantages.

 1. Health

It’s been clearly known that vaping poses lower health risks than smoking. Years of research on smokeless tobacco has proved that smokeless vapor does not carry the toxins present in cigarette smoke. This evidence led the U.S. FDA to the conclusion that long-term vaping poses a substantial risk to your health.

However, such evidences do not point that vaping is totally harmless to your health at all; but we all like to take small risks while pursuing our preferences.

2. Flavors

What makes vaping more enjoyable is the availability of e-liquids in different flavors. Many smokers who switched to vaping found helpful to quitting smoking since the E-cigarettes that imitated the flavor of real smoking without the harmless toxins, which left many smokers with the feeling that vaping is a superior substitute to smoking.

Moreover, after using some flavors that do posses the taste of tobacco for a period, most ex-smokers when tried a cigarette afterwards, reported that it tasted terrible and did not wanted to switch back to smoking at all. It is reported that many ex-smokers now prefer tasteful flavors and that the reason that made them quit.

Benefits of Smokeless Tobacco over Smoking

3. Aesthetics

Vaping do not produce the odor and residue like that in tobacco. When you’re vaping you exhale clouds that are e minimally invasive and, pose no health threat to other people around you. Most non-vapers reported to find the smell of vapor clouds mildly pleasant, against a majority of nonsmokers’ opinions on the smell of nearby cigarette smoking or even their clothes thanks to those flavorful E-liquids.

There are places where vaping comes under prohibition (restaurants, public transportation, enclosed spaces, and formal meetings), but you can still find a way out with your portable vaporizer or E-cigarette for a small puff whenever and wherever you like. In places like bars, neighborhoods, or even offices you might observe people vaping, as it is no that aesthetically distracting than eating a burger or holding a cup of tea.

4. Convenience

Because of the minimal health risk to bystanders and almost non- existent aesthetic impact, vaping is openly acceptable in many places while smoking is not. When you want to vape, you won’t even need step outside of your office or a bar, and that’s an important motivation for many smokers that have decided to try vaping.

In addition, the simplicity in quickly pulling out a vape pen for a casual puff or two – taking just as much nicotine as desired, instead of requiring to light a whole cigarette is a really good advantage of vaping over smoking.